The Wispr Digital Otoscope. Your New Everyday Otoscope.

Wispr Otoscope

The Wispr Digital Otoscope combines the best of traditional otoscopes and high-end digital otoscopes into an easy-to-use profile. Many physicians are discovering that the Wispr is an essential tool that can help to improve the ear exam experience including:

  • Visualization of the full tympanic membrane
  • Ability to navigate around ear wax
  • Access the small pediatric tympanic membrane
  • Engaging ear exam for both patient and physician
  • Easy to share images and videos with patients, parents and colleagues
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface that functions similarly to today’s smart phones

“Working with parents and the Wispr is a 100% game changer. It gives me confidence, gives the parents confidence that we are on the right path.”

Dr. Josh Ross

Executive Vice Chair and Pediatric Emergency Physician,
Department of Emergency Medicine

UW Department of Emergency Medicine