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Introducing the Wispr Digital Otoscope

The innovative Wispr® by WiscMed® delivers unparalleled views of the eardrum in even small or partially obstructed ear canals, helping to make your exams more comfortable, faster, easier and more accurate.

Featuring an integrated LCD touchscreen, thin disposable specula and built-in nano camera, the Wispr represents a significant advancement in otoscope technology. You’ll appreciate the improved view of the eardrum as well as familiar touch-and-sweep functionality. And, your patients will appreciate that you’ll be able to capture and share images and video right in the exam.

The Wispr is optimized to operate with the following power options: Welch Allyn® 71910 & 71670 rechargeable handles; Welch Allyn 767, 777 & Connex® wall transformers and Heine BETA 4 USB rechargeable handle. (required, not included)

The Wispr Will Change How You View Otoscopy

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Take a Look at this Wispr Review on Medgizmos.com

Dr. Andrew J. Schuman delivers an in-depth review of the Wispr Digital Otoscope on his medical technology website, Medgizmos.com. This is an excellent overview of the device if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Wispr yet.

Dr. Schuman highlights the features, benefits and ease of use of the Wispr as well as how impressed both parents and patients were with the ability to share captured images and video during the exam. He makes an excellent observation that the Wispr is compatible with the Scandisk Connect wireless USB drive which simplifies image and video transfer to iPhone and mobile devices to expedite data transfer and EHR integration. Dr. Schuman concludes that most pediatricians will view the Wispr as a replacement option for their traditional otoscope.

Medgizmos.com is the virtual medical home of Andrew J. Schuman, MD. Dr. Schuman has been writing about medical technology in the pages of Contemporary Pediatrics for over 30 years.

Wispr from Andrew J. Schuman on Vimeo.