Now you have two ways to purchase your Wispr Digital Otoscope

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The Wispr digital otoscope.
Your new everyday otoscope.

The Wispr digital otoscope combines the best of traditional otoscopes and high-end ENT equipment into one easy-to-use tool for your clinic.


Experience The Wispr Digital Otoscope

5-Minute Demo Video

Expanded views, improved access, video/image capture & ability to share with patients and parents. Watch the demo for an overview of the features as well as operation of the device.

Try The Wispr For Free

Physicians are discovering the Wispr difference. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself with our no-obligation, free 2-week trial. Learn more about the trial.

New! WisprMonthly Plan

Purchasing the Wispr Digital Otoscope has never been easier. Whether you want to buy it for a one time cost, or with our new WisprMonthly Plan—you now have two options.  Learn more.

“Working with parents and the Wispr is a 100% game changer. It gives me confidence, gives the parents confidence that we are on the right path.”

Dr. Josh Ross

Executive Vice Chair and Pediatric Emergency Physician,
Department of Emergency Medicine

UW Department of Emergency Medicine