“My partner, our two mid-level providers, and a graduating Ped resident spent yesterday with your Wispr. In a word: awesome.  All of us were very impressed. Very cool technology, functionality, and style in a small useable package.  We all used it and all the features, without problems… and just as advertised. The packaging is very good…. like Apple products.  I think this is a “game changer” in ear diagnoses.”

Michael D. Poole, MD, PhD

Clinical Professor, Mercer University School of Medicine

Savannah Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat
Savannah, GA

I just wanted to thank you and send a shout out to your Customer Service Rep.  In my rush out of a room I dropped our otoscope and cracked the lens.  We got a replacement today (so quick!) and they provided everything for the return of the damaged part.  My office manager came to tell me as she deals with many companies and equipment issues and was impressed.

Dr. Lori Buffa


Washington University Physicians
Cloverleaf Pediatrics LLC
St. Peters, Missouri

“Outstanding service. Your company stands by their product and that makes me a loyal customer.”

Dr. Joseph Jolly


Children's of Alabama

“I’ve had a WiscMed Wispr digital otoscope for 6 months and it has changed the performance I expect from an otoscope.  I had to use an old analog otoscope the other day and I quickly realized how much I have come to rely on the superior views I obtain with the Wispr. Thank you for making such a great device and for providing exceptional support.”

Dr. Mark Kamsler

Kamsler Medical
Hartland, WI

“Thank you for such a great invention.”

Patricia Padlipsky, M.D., FAAP

Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Department
Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

“It’s a brave new world. I think the Wispr changes the face of OM (Otitis Media) diagnosis. Parents are awed by seeing the ear. They seem to love it and are amazed. Residents love it as well and it shows great possibilities as a teaching tool.”

Dr. Ari Cohen

Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital

“I’m a super fan. This is a game changer for pediatric residents and med students.”

Dr. Daniel Ostrovsky

Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics;
Interim Section Chief, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

Duke Health

“Our hope is that the availability of digital otoscopy in the office setting may improve our diagnostic skills and therefore lead to more judicious use of antimicrobials. This remains to be seen. Prospective studies need to be done, but it’s an exciting development.”

Dr. Ellen Wald

Chair, Department of Pediatrics

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

“This is truly amazing. As a parent who was able to benefit from this technology in the Emergency Department, I can attest to how it enhanced the overall visit.”

Katy O.