The Wispr Digital Otoscope is truly the first of its kind, offering a substantial upgrade in capabilities thatPhysician placing Wispr in charging stand will easily integrate with your practice:

  • Similar in size and shape to your traditional analog otoscope
  • Ear exam workflow remains similar to traditional otoscopes
  • Fits on industry standard handles already in your clinic and exam rooms

The improved access, expanded view and video/image capture capabilities of the Wispr are delivered by a unique combination of innovative technology features:

  • thin, disposable speculum
  • built-in nano camera
  • integrated LCD touchscreen
  • one button image & video capture integrated USB port for download of captured images & video
  • permanent anti-fog coating at tip
  • optical fibers to tip (no heat)

Intuitive User Interface

The Wispr’s touchscreen user interface functions are very similar to today’s smart phones.


Wispr Pediatric Mode

Helps to increase interaction with young patients and adds a little fun to the physical exam.


Wispr 5-Minute Demo

This demo provides an overview of the features as well as operation of the device.


  • Internal Storage: 64 GB, 30 minutes of video
  • Screen Specifications: 35 mm diameter, 400 x 400 pixels, 1.6x magnification
  • Optics Module Barrel/Tip Dimensions: 2.11 mm diameter x 18 mm length
  • Speculum Tip Dimensions: 3.24 mm outer diameter, 14 mm length (does not include taper)
  • Camera Resolution: 249 x 249 pixels, 90° field of view, Auto focus from 3.5 mm to 5 cm
  • Image File Format & Size: .bmp, 496 KB/image saved
  • Time to Save an Image: 2 seconds
  • Video Rate: 15 fps
  • Video File Format & Size (5 seconds): .avi, 39 MB
  • Time to Save a (5 second) Video: 90 seconds
  • USB Interface: USB 2.0

Disposable Speculum

Wispr disposable specula are available in packages of 96 (spec1-96) and 300 (spec1-300). The Wispr disposable tips easily dispense from existing wall units. Learn more about speculum pricing.

Where Is The Wispr Available For Purchase?

Currently the Wispr is only available for shipping to United States addresses.

The Wispr may be purchased direct on our site here or by calling our customer support agents at 1-608-729-7234, option 1.


Where Is The Wispr Digital Otoscope Made?

The Wispr was invented in Wisconsin and is made in the USA. The Wispr requires multiple manufactuing partners, learn more here. 

Is A Wispr Exam Comfortable For The Patient?

Yes, because of the unique geometry of the Wispr speculum, the exam can be very comfortable. With practice, your patients may not feel the exam. The Wispr speculum is significantly smaller than a standard speculum.

With modest practice, it’s possible to steer the speculum through the external ear canal without contacting the canal wall. This is done by coordinating what you see on the built-in display while steering and advancing the speculum.

We have developed an exam tips video that illustrates the technique.

What Organizations Are Currently Using The Wispr?

Here are just a few of our current Wispr customers.

Why Are Only Certain Power Handles Supported?

The Wispr Digital Otosopce contains many circuit boards that are not present in an analog otoscope. Because of this, the Wispr requires a specific level of consistent power.

A large number of manufacturers make power handles that have the common mechanical twist-lock connector used by the Wispr. But, not all of these power handles deliver power in the same way.  There are significant variations in voltage, amperage, ramp-time and capacity.

WiscMed engineers have evaluated many industry power handles. Those that have the consistency and dependability as demonstrated by our testing become “certified” to work with the Wispr. You can count on these handles to work with your Wispr.

We also strongly recommend that you have a “fairly new” battery if using a battery power handle. This is because the power that can be supplied by the battery decreases with time. Please see this knowledge base item for battery duration.

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Experience the Wispr For Yourself

Free 2-Week Wispr Trial iconMany physicians are discovering the Wispr difference. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself with our no-obligation, free 2-week trial. Learn more about our 2-week trial.




30-Day Buy & Try Guarantee iconInterested in purchasing? You can do so risk-free with our 30-Day Buy & Try Guarantee. If after 30 days, you are not 100% satisfied then ship the device to WiscMed for a full refund, no questions asked. Learn more about pricing & our guarantee

“I’ve been able to get an exam in under 3 seconds. I don’t have to try and process what I’m seeing when I’m in the canal. I know I’ll have plenty of time to do that after the exam. So if you have that image right in front of you and you are able to go through what you are seeing with a parent, they leave feeling completely confident in your diagnosis.”

Dr. Rebella

Pediatric Emergency Physician
Director of Education for Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Clinical Associate Professor (Emergency Medicine & Pediatrics)

UW Department of Emergency Medicine