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If you are interested in the Wispr Digital Otoscope but would first like to trial the device please complete the form below. We are offering a free 2-week trial to allow practitioners like yourself to evaluate the Wispr and see for yourself how it can help you perform an effective ear exam and assist in diagnosis.

An increasingly popular benefit of the Wispr Digital Otoscope is the ability to share real-time ear exam images and videos – creating a new and engaging ear exam experience. physician and pediatric patient interacting with Wispr Digital Otoscope in exam room Current Wispr customers are seeing a “wow” factor with patients and parents when they are able to see images and videos from the ear exam.

See how the Wispr can navigate cerumen and provide a diagnostic view of the eardrum. Also, view ear exam images and video taken with the Wispr Digital Otoscope.

If you have not watched the 5-minute video demo below we encourage you to do so, as it provides a general overview of the features of the Wispr as well as operation of the device.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, a WiscMed Customer Support Representative will contact you to review qualifications, availability and details.

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Unparalleled Views With The Wispr Digital Otoscope

Wispr 5-Minute Video Demo

“This is truly amazing. As a parent who was able to benefit from this technology in the Emergency Department, I can attest to how it enhanced the overall visit.”

Katy O.

“I’ve had a WiscMed Wispr digital otoscope for 6 months and it has changed the performance I expect from an otoscope.  I had to use an old analog otoscope the other day and I quickly realized how much I have come to rely on the superior views I obtain with the Wispr. Thank you for making such a great device and for providing exceptional support.”

Dr. Mark Kamsler

Kamsler Medical
Hartland, WI

“It’s a brave new world. I think the Wispr changes the face of OM (Otitis Media) diagnosis. Parents are awed by seeing the ear. They seem to love it and are amazed. Residents love it as well and it shows great possibilities as a teaching tool.”

Dr. Ari Cohen

Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital