Wispr Digital Otoscope 5-Minute Demo

Seeing Is Believing

The Wispr Digital Otoscope can significantly improve the:

  • Visualization of the tympanic membrane for diagnosis
  • View of small ear canals
  • Ability to navigate around or through ear wax for a clear view

Simply put, the Wispr increases the reliability of obtaining a clear view of the tympanic membrane to support accurate diagnosis. It’s important to note that an increasingly popular benefit of the Wispr Digital Otoscope is the ability to share real-time ear exam images and videos – creating a new and engaging ear exam experience. Current Wispr customers are seeing a “wow” factor with patients and parents when they are able to see images and videos from the ear exam.

This 5-minute demo provides an overview of the features of the Wispr as well as operation of the device. If after watching the demo below you are interested in:

Wispr 5-Minute Video Demo

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