The Wispr Digital Otoscope: See What You’ve Been Missing

Capture a diagnostic view in even the most challenging ear canals with the Wispr's patented narrow speculum


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“I’ve had a WiscMed Wispr digital otoscope for 6 months and it has changed the performance I expect from an otoscope. I had to use an old analog otoscope the other day and I quickly realized how much I have come to rely on the superior views I obtain with the Wispr.”

— Dr. Mark Kamsler —
Kamsler Medical

Diagnose More Accurately with Unmatched Views of the Tympanic Membrane

Example of Tunneled Image

Traditional image – tunneled

Non-Tunneled Image

Wispr image – non-tunneled



Unlock a Wider Diagnostic View

The Wispr Digital Otoscope is the industry’s only otoscope with the camera positioned at the tip of the speculum, eliminating the “tunnel” effect often experienced when performing ear exams. It’s as if your eye is positioned right at the tympanic membrane, providing a field of vision that is unmatched by other otoscopes.


A Drastically Thinner Speculum

The Wispr’s patented speculum design is significantly thinner than standard otoscopes, allowing you to easily navigate through tiny infant ear canals or around cerumen blockages to reliably capture a diagnostic image that is direct and clear.