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Article Excerpt:

A 20 month old male was previously misdiagnosed with bilateral ear infections during the COVID-19 pandemic. His actual diagnosis was far more worrisome. In this article we discuss how an accurate ear exam with the Wispr Digital Otoscope made a critical difference in the care of a pediatric patient.

He presented to the emergency department with a fever and rash.  The child was seen in urgent care the previous morning for the same complaints and diagnosed with “bilateral ear infections.”  He was started on the usual course of treatment and had taken three doses.  Mom reported that the child continued to have a fever and was fussier, so she brought him to the Emergency Department (ED) for re-evaluation.  Upon further questioning, she stated her child had a fever up to 103 F each of the prior five days.  Also, she noted the appearance of a diffuse non-itchy rash yesterday.

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