First Wispr® Production Units Ship

February 25, 2020


Innovative new device may prove helpful in Acute Otitis Media (AOM) diagnosis

Madison, Wisconsin-based healthcare technology company, WiscMed LLC, shipped the first production units of their new Wispr Digital Otoscope. The introduction of the Wispr was previously met with a warm reception in October 2019 at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans.

The Wispr Digital Otoscope is a first of its kind, designed to provide a significant upgrade from traditional analog otoscopy while retaining the convenience of a handheld, portable device and attaching to existing power handles and wall mount units. The Wispr’s innovative combination of integrated LCD touchscreen, intuitive user interface, built-in nano camera, integrated USB port and thin disposable speculum combine to give a clear view of the eardrum and an improved ear exam experience.

“We have seen a strong level of physician interest in the Wispr,” stated Dr. James Berbee, founder and CEO of WiscMed®, “and our clinician trials show great promise for the Wispr improving the ear exam experience for the patient, family, and physician, as well as aiding in accurate diagnosis of conditions such as otitis media. Early reviews from clinicians have supported our hypothesis that an easily obtained view of the eardrum was often lacking in clinical otoscopy. The WiscMed team is excited to see the device at work in exam rooms across the country.”

The Wispr Digital Otoscope can improve the ear exam for physicians, patients and parents by offering an expanded view of the eardrum and improved access for small or obstructed ear canals while also providing the ability to capture images and video to share during the exam or for download. Most important, the Wispr produces a clear image of the eardrum for diagnosis and is particularly suited for pediatric, ENT, family care and teaching applications. Feedback from early users of the Wispr suggests improved diagnosis of common ear pathology.

Here are some observations from healthcare leaders that have had the opportunity to work with the Wispr Digital Otoscope:

“It’s a brave new world. I think the Wispr changes the face of OM (Otitis Media)diagnosis. Parents are awed by seeing the ear. They seem to love it and are amazed. Residents love it as well and it shows great possibilities as a teaching tool.”

Ari Cohen, MD
Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine | Massachusetts General Hospital

“Our hope is that the availability of digital otoscopy in the office setting may improve our diagnostic skills and therefore lead to more judicious use of antimicrobials. This remains to be seen. Prospective studies need to be done, but it’s an exciting development.”

Ellen Wald, MD
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Chair, Department of Pediatrics

“I’m a super fan. This is a game changer for pediatric residents and med students.”

Daniel Ostrovsky, MD
Duke Health
Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics; Interim Section Chief, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics


The Wispr Digital Otoscope is available for purchase for $1495 at wiscmed.com. The device requires a power source and is optimized to operate with the following power options: Welch Allyn® 71910 & 71670 rechargeable handles; Welch Allyn 767, 777 & Connex® wall transformers and Heine BETA 4 USB rechargeable handle. Both the Wispr Digital Otoscope and Wispr disposable specula can be purchased separately at wiscmed.com. Wispr disposable specula are available in 96- and 300-count packages. The Wispr disposable tips easily dispense from existing wall units.


About WiscMed: WiscMed advances healthcare technology to improve diagnosis, patient care and outcomes. WiscMed engineers easy-to-use tools that solve clinical challenges. The innovative Wispr Digital Otoscope is the company’s first product offering. The Wispr provides a significant upgrade from traditional analog otoscopy while integrating into existing power handles and wall mount units. The Wispr delivers an expanded view, improved access and the ability to capture images and video for sharing or download. It is particularly suited for pediatric, ENT, family care and teaching applications.