Otitis: The Expert’s Diagnostic Guide

May 26, 2020


WiscMed highly recommends the book Otitis: The Expert’s Diagnostic Guide by Michael Poole, MD, PhD; Stephanie Ambrose, MD; and Matt Crawford, PA-C. With the power of the WiscMed Wispr, it is now possible to see details during clinical ear exams not previously possible. Because of this, it’s helpful to have a guide to the most common conditions you will see. Ear infections can present in many different forms, and, perhaps more importantly, some presentations can fool the examiner into thinking there is an infection when none is present.

Otitis: The Expert’s Diagnostic Guide is an approachable book that gives the practicing examiner the background to make the right diagnostic call. The book is full of helpful photos that clearly explain different conditions. There are self-quizzes and photos of clearly labeled anatomy. It is a useful teaching text for students and physicians at all stages of training and practicing.

The book is available on Apple Ibooks, currently at no charge;