PAS 2023 Study – Wispr digital otoscope reduced repeat ear exams by 75%

May 2, 2023


A PAS 2023 study was completed by:

Caitlin Keane-Bisconti DO, Leor Akabas MD and Haamid Chamdawala MD, MPH

Video Otoscopy in the Pediatric ED:

Can it limit the need for repeat ear exams?


Summary: Video Otoscopy eliminated the need for a repeat ear exam in 75% of patients, and was superior to conventional otoscopy as a teaching and diagnostic tool


The video otoscope (VO) allows trainees to record magnified images and videos of the tympanic membrane (TM)


To evaluate whether trainees’ use of a VO can avoid repeat ear exams by supervising physicians, and to assess a VO’s educational value compared to conventional otoscopes (CO)


Prospective observational study of trainees in the pediatric ED examining patients ages 6 months – 5 years presenting with fever, URI symptoms and/or otalgia (11/21-7/22)













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