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The Wispr® by WiscMed® delivers unparalleled views of the eardrum in even small or partially obstructed ear canals, helping to make your ear exams more comfortable, faster, easier and more accurate. Familiar touch-and-sweep functionality allows you to share images & video during the ear exam. Learn more about the Wispr Value.

The Wispr features:

  • Integrated LCD touchscreen
  • Built-in nano camera
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Optical fibers to tip (no heat)
  • One button image & video capture
  • Anti-fog coating at tip
  • Thin disposable speculum
  • Integrated USB port for download of images & video
  • Increases the physical distance to a patient
  • Captured images facilitate specialty consults without a 2nd contact

The Wispr attaches to industry standard power handles. Supported power options include Welch Allyn® 71910 & 71670 & 71000-A rechargeable handles; Welch Allyn® 767, 777 & Connex® wall transformers, Heine BETA 4 USB rechargeable handle and Heine EN 100 Wall Transformer. (required, not included)  Here is a link to our supported power handle page. 

The Wispr 30-Day Buy & Try Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your new Wispr, simply ship the device back to WiscMed within 30 days of your purchase. You will be refunded in full, no questions asked.

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9 reviews for Wispr Digital Otoscope

  1. Sel Unite (verified owner)

    I can’t overstate how much I’ve enjoyed using my new Wispr otoscope. To see with clarity even in tiny ear canals and around cerumen along with my ability to show parents photos of what I’m looking at has made me a believer and my associates envious. The kids also finally get to see the frog/unicorn/etc that we’ve been telling them about all these years in pediatric mode. But as good as the product is, the customer service is even better. Jim Berbee goes above and beyond to make sure his product is working exactly as intended. I could not be more pleased about purchasing my new Wispr and am reminded of this every time I have to use someone else’s regular one.

  2. Tony LaBarbera MD (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. It gives a more natural view of the tympanic membrane. It is fairly easy to manipulate around cerumen. The patient and parents enjoy seeing pictures of the TM. I can also the pictures to convince skeptical parents the TM is normal.
    The customer support is outstanding!! I dropped my first one from exam table height and the screen cracked. I received a free replacement in a couple of days. Just today, I had a problem with blurred images. Had great on line chat support and Dr Berbee reached out to help, as well. If you are concerned about the cost, this scope will revolutionize the way you visualize TMs and improve your diagnostic skills.

  3. Jack Whitehead

    The Wispr otoscope is amazing. I recently completed pediatric residency, and I feel like my TM exams improved more after a few busy days with the Wispr than during all of residency. The ability to review your own exams, share them with patients, discuss them with colleagues, and compare them to resources (such as the collection of images/cases here on wiscmed) is truly invaluable. Parents often bring their child to the clinic with the idea that they need antibiotics for AOM, and being able to show them perfectly normal TMs is very helpful in those situations. I keep a few images of normal TMs and AOM saved to the Wispr to show families in those situations. The Wispr has greatly improved my efficiency as well. With it, I hardly ever have to clean cerumen from the canals. It is small enough, and the field of view is wide enough, that cerumen removal is rarely required. The Wispr also allows you to record exams. If a child is particularly squirmy, you can quickly sift through the video to review the fleeting moment when the TM was visible. I used the Wispr for a 2 week trial and couldn’t imagine going back to a regular otoscope afterwards.

  4. Paul G Vaccaro

    I’ve used the Wispr for almost one year now. I had been long frustrated by having an “incomplete” ear exam since traditional otoscopes are limited in the view provided and pneumatic otoscopy is just not practical. The Wispr offers a tremendously improved view of the TM and well as the never before option of video recording greatly improving TM exams. Parents often ask where they can buy one for home use. As a company, customer service is without equal. Current owners were sent the 2nd generation product in exchange for the old one. A recent drop resulting in a screen crack was also promptly repaired. Buy a Wispr and you will be amazed.

  5. M. Kamsler, MD

    I have been using the WISPR otoscope from early on and have been extremely satisfied. The broad view, ability to move around cerumen, share images with patients are just a few of the many benefits. On occasion I have needed to use my older macroscopic standard otoscope and am reminded how much I appreciate the benefits of the WISPR. WiscMed as a company has been fantastic–excellent and timely support, always striving for improvement in the technology and sharing those updates readily! A pleasure to work with, both for the advantages clinically and the ease of communication.

  6. William Oldenhoff, DVM

    I have been very impressed with this scope. As a veterinarian, my patients are often resistant to otoscopic examination. The Wispr scope has two principal advantages compared to tradition otoscopic examinations: 1). the otoscope allows for vastly superior views into the canal, with more detailed views of the canal and tympanic membrane. 2). The head and cone of the scope are much smaller than traditional cones, which translates to more patient comfort. This has proven to be especially helpful in the examination of feline ear canals. The Wispr is also safer to use in fractious animals, as my face is further away from the animal. I would not hesitate to recommend this to any veterinarian.

  7. Lori Buffa, MD

    I’ve been using the WISPR for over a year in clinical private practice. I consider it a valuable investment for the following reasons: 1) young waxy ears or narrow ear canals can be difficult to examine. The thin speculum and well directed light allows easy visualization once technique is established; 2) photos have been downloaded into patients chart which has allowed ENT to visualize problem(s); 3) great assist when a resident is unable to visualize the TM/pathology but photo or video is obtained by me and shared for teaching purposes — or to get a 2nd opinion on the problem at hand! 4) the children enjoy the “surprise” caricature photo that we have option to select …. puppy dogs in the ears are a favorite. Last but a very important factor for my continued use of the WISPR is the wonderful customer service from WiscMed. From simple questions to excellent part replacement (I recommend the protective case for the accidental dropped instrument). Long gone are the difficult attempts to view a TM!

  8. Daniel Ostrovsky

    As a clinical educator and teacher in an Internal Medicine-Pediatrics program, the WISPR has revolutionized teaching the ear exam. I can model technique for learners and encourage self-efficacy by being able to visualize their self-performed ear exams and provide concrete feedback on their ear assessments. Additionally, it has been an invaluable tool for instilling confidence in parents and patients regarding accurate diagnosis by being able to directly point out abnormalities using the WISPR display. During the pandemic the WISPR has also made what would be challenging exams with PPE much simpler and effective. From the business end, the WISPR team has been EXTREMELY responsive to feedback and has been the best customer care experience I have ever had. I feel that my investment in a WISPR comes with a team of real people who care about the product and my satisfaction. In summary, this is an amazing innovation which re-defines the otoscopic exam, making it easier and more effective and increases patient and provider satisfaction all backed by a company with heart and a commitment to excellence.

  9. Ari Cohen, MD

    This scope is game changer for teaching especially. It has transformed how I teach about a common but difficult diagnosis. The “aha” moments have been numerous. It has also decreased the number of times a child’s ear needs to be instrumented which saves distress and discomfort for the patient and family. In this COVID era, it also enables the provider to maintain some distance between your face and the patient’s. For these reasons as well as the ability to go deeper into the canal with out discomfort and navigate past cerumen, this is a practice changing devise. The new pediatric mode has provided some “awe struck reactions” and some comic relief.

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