Wispr Digital Otoscope Views

Wispr Digital Otoscope vs. Traditional Otoscope

With the Wispr your view never appears ‘tunneled’ – it’s as if your eye is positioned right at the tympanic membrane. First image demonstrates the view of the tympanic membrane provided by the Wispr Digital Otoscope compared with that of an analog otoscope (second image).

Non-Tunneled Image

Wispr image – non-tunneled

Example of Tunneled Image

Traditional image – tunneled

The Wispr Digital Otoscope allows you to maneuver past the wax and obtain a diagnostic view of the tympanic membrane. The first image shows a view with ear wax – what you might typically see with a traditional otoscope. The second image is the view after maneuvering around the ear wax with the Wispr Digital Otoscope.

Traditional view – wax blocks ear drum

Wispr digital view – past wax