WiscMed Adds Wispr Pediatric Mode Software Upgrade

July 27, 2020

wispr digital otoscope in pediatric mode

Madison, Wisconsin based WiscMed LLC, maker of the innovative Wispr digital otoscope, has done it again with a new pediatric patient interactive software feature. “Pediatric Mode displays seven whimsical pictures such as a unicorn, frog, or dinosaur to show your pediatric patients right from the Wispr LCD screen”, stated Dr. James Berbee, founder and CEO of WiscMed®.

“What do you think I will see in your ear?”, “Look what I found in your ear!” It creates a light moment with the patient or the family after the exam.  Pediatric mode has an optional on or off switch and is implemented in a way that it will not interfere with normal clinical workflow. This software upgrade is at no charge and is recommended by WiscMed for all Wispr customers.

Our thanks to Dr. Steve Johnson of Norton Children’s Medical Associates for his suggestion of pediatric mode.

For more information on the Wispr digital otoscope go to www.wiscmed.com and Pediatric Mode Video



About WiscMed: WiscMed advances healthcare technology to improve diagnosis, patient care and outcomes. WiscMed engineers’ easy-to-use tools that solve clinical challenges. The innovative Wispr Digital Otoscope is the company’s first product offering. The Wispr provides a significant upgrade from traditional analog otoscopy while integrating into existing power handles and wall mount units. The Wispr delivers an expanded view, improved access and the ability to capture images and video for sharing or download. It is particularly suited for pediatric, ENT, family care and teaching applications.