WiscMed Medgizmo Interview: Dr. Jim Berbee

October 15, 2020


WiscMed’s Dr. Jim Berbee recently completed a personal interview with Dr. Andrew Schuman of Medgizmos.

Dr. Schuman, of Medgizmos, states:

“The Wispr is Wonderful….

I’ve had a great time reviewing medical devices for primary care physicians for the past 30 years.  Every device has a fascinating origin story and takes years to develop, refine, and bring to the market.  This interview with Jim Berbee MD, engineer and emergency room physician relates the past, present and future, of WiscMed’s digital otoscope, called the Wispr.

I’ve been using the device for over a year and have found it very useful, even more so during the pandemic when face masks and face shields have made it difficult to use a standard otoscope to view the tympanic membrane and ear canal.

I have been using Welch Allyn’s Macroview Otoscope for years. While I like the magnified view of the tympanic membrane and ear canal it provides, in my experience, it’s depth of field makes it sometimes difficult to visualize foreign bodies within the ear canal.  WiscMed’s Wispr enables you to visualize, with amazing clarity, the ear canal and tympanic membrane.  It also enables a provider to capture a video or image and discuss the findings with a patient.  If one is so inclined you can also transfer the images/videos to a USB stick so you can include these in your EHR.”

Watch the video to learn more about the history of the Wispr.