WiscMed Offers Free Hardware Upgrade to Existing Customers

January 27, 2021


Madison, Wisconsin based WiscMed®, maker of the innovative Wispr digital otoscope, has announced a design upgrade to the Wispr digital otoscope and is offering a free exchange program for existing customers.

“The new design changes make the Wispr otoscope even better.  We’ve increased the robustness of a tool our customers have come to rely on,” said Dr. James Berbee, founder and CEO of WiscMed®.

Major changes to the new hardware include a larger rubber bezel and an improved camera connection. The larger rubber bezel increases the robustness of the device in the advent of an accidental drop. The improved camera connection increases the reliability of the camera signal to the Wispr.

Old (left) and new (right) rubber bezel

WiscMed is making it easy for customers to exchange their old Wispr for the new design.  WiscMed will contact each customer, in the order of which they originally purchased their Wispr, to offer the free exchange.  WiscMed will ship the new Wispr along with a return label for the old unit.  There will be no downtime for the customer.

About WiscMed: WiscMed advances healthcare technology to improve diagnosis, patient care and outcomes. WiscMed engineers’ easy-to-use tools that solve clinical challenges. The innovative Wispr Digital Otoscope is the company’s first product offering. The Wispr provides a significant upgrade from traditional analog otoscopy while integrating into existing power handles and wall mount units. The Wispr delivers an expanded view, improved access and the ability to capture images and video for sharing or download. It is particularly suited for pediatric, ENT, family care and teaching applications.