WiscMed Releases new Wispr Software Upgrade

January 27, 2021


Madison, Wisconsin based WiscMed®, maker of the innovative Wispr® digital otoscope, announced the release of a new software upgrade.  The free upgrade (version .094) is available to all Wispr digital otoscope owners.    New features include persistent image mode (the Wispr starts up in the picture or video mode it was in when turned off), improved image brightness and other minor improvements. Upgrading the Wispr operating software is a simple process from the built-in USB port.

“I am excited for our customers to experience the increased image brightness and persistent image mode.  Of note, persistent image mode was a suggestion from a customer.  At WiscMed,  feedback and suggestions from our customers help us to continually improve the Wispr digital otoscope,” said Dr. James Berbee, founder of WiscMed®.

Our thanks to Dr. Paul Vaccaro Jr of Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation for his suggestion of persistent image mode.

For more information on the Wispr digital otoscope go to www.wiscmed.com .


About WiscMed®: WiscMed® advances healthcare technology to improve diagnosis, patient care and outcomes. WiscMed engineers’ easy-to-use tools that solve clinical challenges. The innovative Wispr Digital Otoscope is the company’s first product offering. The Wispr provides a significant upgrade from traditional analog otoscopy while integrating into existing power handles and wall mount units. The Wispr delivers an expanded view, improved access and the ability to capture images and video for sharing or download. It is particularly suited for pediatric, ENT, family care and teaching applications.