Wispr University

Wispr Digital Otoscope Exam Tips

December 2, 2020


This video provides tips for a successful ear exam using the Wispr digital otoscope

How to perform a digital otoscope exam

  1. Make sure the camera is clean. Test the camera by pointing it at text on paper. The text should be sharp and readable.
  2. Make sure the speculum is firmly attached. The speculum should not be in the field of view when properly installed.
  3. Pull the top of the ear lobe up and back to straighten the external auditory canal.
  4. Using a slightly side view, watch the speculum just barely enter the canal.
  5. Transition your view to the LCD screen.
  6. On the screen, locate the ear canal that leads to the eardrum.
  7. Adjust the otoscope so that what you want to see is in the center of the screen.
  8. While watching the screen, gently advance the tip of the otoscope to the area of interest, typically the eardrum. NEVER advance the tip blindly.
  9. The eardrum should take up 75-90% of the display in an optimized view.


This video demonstrates how to capture an image from the video taken during the ear exam