Ear Drum Lesion – Sept 7, 2023

Ear Drum Lesion – Sept 7, 2023

WiscMed staff retrieved this image from a customer Wispr that required maintenance. No clinical information is available. WiscMed will provide a $25 Amazon gift certificate to the individual that has the best explanation for the ear drum lesion.

Please send your diagnosis to wiscmedsupport@wiscmed.com. We will update this case with the differential diagnosis answers we receive.

Update September 13, 2023

WiscMed received three responses to this week’s case.


My laptop image is not brilliant, but my initial gut feeling is that it is a man made structure, a hearing aid rubber dome that had some how rotated and been impacted into the anterior recess (pushed in with cotton bud). the central anomaly being the aperture reflecting the majority of light from the otoscope and the malleus is actually light reflex off the side of the dome. I can’t see any real tympanic detail on my laptop image.

Kind Regards,
Steve Mahoney


TM perforated by a Q-tip.

Sandra Lynch


Possible diagnosis: Is this caused by a foreign object, such as a glass bead/diamond that is reflective?

Kind regards,

Christine Richards

Our thought at WiscMed is that this is most likely some kind of cyst. Without additional clinical information, it’s impossible to be more specific. The best course of action would be to send the image to otolaryngology (ENT) and request a consult.

We felt that Dr. Steve Mahoney gave the most complete answer. Thank you, Dr. Mahoney. We will send you the Amazon gift card.


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