Foreign Object – Eraser Tip – June 15, 2023

Foreign Object – Eraser Tip

June 15, 2023

A healthy 6-year-old boy arrives with his mother for a wellness check at his pediatric clinic. The child has been doing well and the mother has no concerns.

During his physical exam, this image of his ear was obtained with a Wispr digital otoscope.

What is your diagnosis and plan of action?

The child has an eraser tip in his ear. Removal of the eraser is indicated.

This is a remarkably common clinical scenario. An incidental finding of a foreign body in the pediatric ear canal. In this case, the child did not recall placing something in his ear. Removal of this foreign body could be accomplished easily with forceps or a curette. Children are famous for putting objects in their ears. Objects commonly seen include beads, beans, earrings, pencil tips, tic-tacs, and popcorn.

WiscMed thanks Dr. Laura Luckadoo of The Childhealth Center for this week’s interesting case.