Ear Wax

Ear Wax

A 9-year-old female presents to the general pediatric clinic for a routine checkup. She has no specific complaints. Examination of the right ear with the Wispr Digital Otoscope reveals this image. The image shows only cerumen (ear wax). It is not possible to form an opinion of the eardrum from this image. This view is often seen with traditional analog otoscopy – that is, nothing is seen but wax that is occluding the eardrum and preventing evaluation.


Because of the unique geometry of the WiscMed Wispr speculum combined with the distally mounted camera, it is often possible to maneuver around the ear wax and obtain a view of the eardrum. This ability of the Wispr Digital Otoscope to maneuver around wax may increase the speed and comfort of the examination as there is often no requirement to remove ear wax. Here is a video showing this technique with the Wispr.

Maneuver past wax

This is a still image from the above video demonstrating a normal eardrum after “going around” the ear wax:

past ear wax

Healthy and normal eardrum