Nasal Foreign Object – August 10, 2023

Nasal Foreign Object – August 10, 2023

A 3-year-old female is brought into the pediatric clinic by her mother. Earlier in the day at preschool, the child put a bean in her nose. Her mother attempted to remove the bean at home but was unsuccessful.

The following image of her nostril was obtained with the Wispr Digital Otoscope.

What is the next step in management?

The bean needs to be removed from the nostril.

Children have an unlimited capacity to place items in their body cavities.

Examples include beansbeadstic tacs, pencil tipserasers, springspopcorn, and foam.

The bean was removed in the clinic. Techniques to remove the bead include having the mother blow in the non-occluded nostril with the child’s mouth closed, a Katz extractor, glue stick, or forceps. The practitioner generally gets one chance to remove the foreign object in the clinic. After that, the child becomes uncooperative and will often require anesthesia in the operating room to facilitate removal.

WiscMed thanks Dr. Sel Unite of Tree House Pediatrics for this week’s interesting case.